What is YourHome?

YourHome is a home automation software package that is built to control everything. YourHome enables you to design your own home automation system. You can do this by designing screens with YourHome designer. Use YourHome to integrate your devices and make them work together, save energy and have control.


Combine multiple devices and control them as one.

Save energy

Save energy by smarter control of your house


Your life is easier when your house works for you.

What are the minimal requirements to get started?

A windows PC, linux PC or raspberry pi with a network connection. For ZWave integration, also a ZWave USB Key is required. For Spotify/Google Music integration Mopidy should be installed and speakers should be connected.

What is included in YourHome?

  • YourHome App

    A mobile app that connects to the home server and allows to control your home.

  • YourHome Designer

    The configuration center where you can design screen layouts easily with drag and drop to build your layout as you like. You can also configure the system and build rules and scenes to automate your home.

  • YourHome Server

    The core system which runs the home automation software. A windows, linux machine or raspberry pi will do.